MOTOR is the merge of 2 production houses with a lot of history in Mexico and abroad, the partners, directors and producers, have successful trajectories of more than 20 years in the industry. These producers have joined Grupo Cinco M, one of the leading multiplatform communication groups in Mexico, with 360° communication services, including Grupo Expansión, which publishes 15 magazines with large circulation and 14 websites with significant traffic of users every day.

The union of these forces allows us to create an audiovisual production studio that ranges from the production of high-level commercials, production services and branded content, to feature films, documentaries, television series, etc. Our mission is to generate high quality content in all formats, giving an integral service to our clients based on commitment, passion for what we do, professionalism and the talent of our team.

We believe in working as a team, in which many heads think more than one, in producing with the same heart everything we do regardless of the size of the production.

Finally MOTOR is the heart of a machine, capable of moving the entire system.